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Francisco Pérez 248 · Pont del Diable (Martorell)

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The legend of Devil's Bridge

In order to find information about the legend of Devil's Bridge we have used Google Scholar.In the following link tere is an article by Carme Oriol from the University Rovira i Virgili Article here.

According to the Dr Oriol there are 27 versions of the legend just in Catalonia.

The topic of the Devil building a bridge in just one night in exchange for the soul of a victim is very common in the folk narrative both in Europe and outside Europe

between genre is between legend and folktale.

Here you can find images from Devil's bridges located around the world:

Image from an Aleman folktale about Devil's bridge
Illustration by Melissa Muldon from Italian folktale about Devil's bridge
Image from a Turkish folktale about Devil's bridge
Image from an Greek crossroad pointing at Devil's bridge